Our mission is to keep you happy, healthy and hydrated.

Pure, clean, safe water - in everyday life, outdoor adventure and survival - Sagan helps protect the ones you care about most.

Our Products

Sagan will change the way you think about water forever. Our advanced water filter systems, water filters and water bottles make it possible for you to provide healthy, clean water to your family – anytime, anywhere. Sagan makes ANY WATER SAFE WATER. Distributed by Coldstream Industries.


Let’s make money together! Sagan specializes in OEM, Private Labeling and Custom Water Bottles for companies and organizations who want to promote their own brand. Use our water filter systems for filtered water bottles, put your name on them and market them as  your own. Nice!

Truth in Testing

Sagan water filters have been independently tested and certified by qualified water laboratories. Check our outstanding results. Both the “Journey” and the “DuraFlo”, our two main water filters, passed with flying colors! Be sure the water filters and filtered water bottles you use can stand by their claims.

Proud Members

Proud member of Aqua Veritas Micro Water Filter Quality Association, committed to making sure all water filter products claims’ to consumers do what they say they do. Water filter systems for filtered water bottles & water filters of any kind should meet EPA standards. Period. Visit Aquaveritas.org.

Where to Buy Sagan Products

We don’t sell Sagan products on our website, but we have some very helpful folks who do! Locate dealers online or a dealer near you.

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